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The evening we had to take photographs at Yoho Lake was perfect. The sun was setting. The lake was still. It was an ideal backdrop for photos.

I met Kara and her beautiful family at Yoho Lake. We moved to Yoho this Summer and I was blessed enough to get her name from a friend as a care giver for our son, Finn. We are so grateful for the special care that she takes with our Finn. He loves going to Kara & Ella’s house for a ‘play play play’. It is such a peace of mind when you can leave your child with someone and know that they are given love and attention.

Thank you for all you do, Kara. We appreciate you.

IMG_4391 IMG_4390 IMG_4378 IMG_4372 IMG_4368 IMG_1465 IMG_1460 IMG_1446 IMG_1417 IMG_1414 IMG_1386 IMG_1385 IMG_1383 IMG_1379 IMG_1377 IMG_1368 IMG_1367 IMG_1354 IMG_1352 IMG_1350J_DuretteMontageLakeJ_DuretteHouseMontageText

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