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Once I learned cursive writing, I wrote my name everywhere. Lori P. Morse was here. I wrote it on almost every desk in the school (which didn’t make our janitor very happy – sorry, Carman!). I loved my name then and I still do.

Let me tell you the story behind the letter ‘P’. As young girls, my sister and I would always try to copy our dad’s signature: Roger D. Morse. We thought it was so cool that he used his middle initial. I sure looked up to my dad as a little girl, and still do to this day. So, I started using my middle initial too. The letter ‘P’ stands for my mom’s first name, Patricia. She goes by P. Joan. You can see that using initials is a trend in my family:) Many of my friends call me Lori P. too, so to me, it’s perfect. That, and the fact that you could say the ‘P’ may also stand for photography.



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