Family… it’s a powerful word.  For me it’s filled with gratitude, unconditional love, acceptance, and support.   And so much more.   Our families remind us who we were, how far we have come, and inspire us to be who we want to be.   It’s hard in words to capture how much I love my family and I’m sure you feel the same way about yours.

And then there are the family photos.

When I look back on my family photographs, I am so thankful for the memories we have together, but I can’t help feel sad that we didn’t mark our years growing up as a family more closely. I can only recall three family photos of our early days together. I wish there were more.    So now  – despite the objection of my brother-in-law – we take a family portrait at least once a year.  There is no negotiating.  I get my way because deep down each of us loves having a tangible record of how we’ve evolved as a family. I love that my son and my niece and nephew will be able to see the progression of how our family grew and how our love grew.

I chose a tree for my logo not only for looks (there are such gorgeous gum trees in Australia). I chose it because since I was a child I’ve loved trees: their beauty and strength and individual personalities remind me of people. More importantly they are a timeless reminder of our family and our roots – where we began and how much we’ve grown and branched out.  Family photos help us capture this.

Maybe your family is made up of parents and children, cousins and grandparents… or maybe it’s a family you’ve created from dear friends and loved ones.   Maybe you want to record a life milestone – a birth, an anniversary, a graduation, a retirement – or maybe you just want to capture your family as they are in an everyday moment. Maybe you want a first snapshot of a baby’s face or a captured moment of an aging grandparent.  I can help you do that.
Stay tuned for the Portrait Gallery. In the meantime, you can visit the Blog to see a family photo shoot.