I was born and raised in the “The Dulse Capital of the World”, Grand Manan Island. Right now you’re probably wondering  a couple of things – stay with me, we’ll get there.

First you might be thinking what is dulse?  It’s an edible seaweed. It’s my favourite food. Plus, it’s so good for you!

And more importantly what does this have to do with photography? When you live on an island your entire existence is shaped by moments – sunrise and sunset, ebb tide and flood tides, calm and storm – and by the people around you.  It’s the kind of place where you’re always surrounded by friends and family, cousins and neighbor creating all kinds of shared memories. It also makes you resourceful:  I gathered driftwood to frame my earliest photos and made books for friends from recycled paper bags and cereal boxes.  That spirit of creativity, my close-knit community, those shared moments and shared memories shaped who I am as a person and who I am as a photographer.

I’m a people person.  A memory maker. A mover.  A shaker.  A think-outside-the-frame picture taker.

When it came time to leave my island I headed for the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design – better known in these parts simply as “The Craft College” – where my creativity was truly unleashed. I enthusiastically explored a wide variety of media but kept coming back to photography. And in my photography I kept coming back to my favourite subjects: people… moments… memories.

These are my passions and I want to share them with you. Together we’ll capture the moments when you feel your best, when you love the way you look, in a way  – no matter how “outside the frame” – that feels authentically “you.”  Time goes by and memory fades.   I want to help you hold on to those perfect moments that make you smile.